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Tree Health Maintenance,
Insect disease and
abiotic disorder management

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Serving Monterey Bay and surrounding areas

Tree Health Care / Peninsula Pest Management Inc. has been in business on the Monterey Peninsula for more than 30 years.

We specialize in the health and care of your trees and landscape. While other tree services can remove limbs, we work hard to diagnose, treat, and heal the trees and plants that make your property so beautiful.

Call now to find out how John Call, our founder, and his team can help you. Whether you're a homeowner, caretaker, business owner, or local government, we can help you maintain a pleasant and well-maintained appearance for your outdoor spaces.


(831) 753-2847

Tree Health Care - Pest & Disease Diagnosis for Native Monterey Trees
Tree Health Care - Pest & Disease Diagnosis for Non-Native Trees