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Tree Health Maintenance,
Insect disease and
abiotic disorder management

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ISA Certified Tree Experts in the Monterey Bay Area

At Tree Health Care, it is our objective to provide the highest quality arboricultural services. We'll do our best to provide careful evaluation and thoughtful analysis.

We use science-based methods and thirty years of local experience to diagnose diseases and identify antagonistic insects and abiotic disorders. Our arborists are skilled in a broad range of techniques to solve problems and prescribe the best remedial measures for the health and longevity of your tree.

We strive to serve with consummate professionalism in all we do, from cutting-edge procedures to environmentally-friendly treatments. At Tree Health Care we pride ourselves on being there for you and your trees for the long term. So your grove can grow strong for years to come. Let's make Monterey Bay a better place, one tree at a time.